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JAMIE ROSE FALCON CREST 01/27 by cultfilmfreak | Blog Talk Radio

Just did a fun interview with James Tate of Cult Film Freak where we dish about Falcon Crest, Lana Turner,  Lady Blue, Just Before Dawn, Clint Eastwood, Tightrope,  Chopper Chicks in Zombie Town, Bugs Bunny, Green Acres, Shut Up & Dance and lots of other stuff!

Posted on Friday, January 27th 2012

Radio Interview with Judyth Piazza

Hey there, I did this radio interview a month or so ago and I actually kind of like it. I talk about the book, writing the book, the artistic process, miracles, accepting life on life’s terms, Norma Desmond, Johnny Carson, Facebook, the importance of supporting brick and mortar bookstores and my pals the writers Michael Lally and Samantha Dunn. (Click on title to hear the interview.)

Posted on Thursday, December 1st 2011

The Top Ten Reasons Why I Hate “Shut Up and Dance”.

10. It’s well written. Better than I could have ever done and I’m a Goddamn Professional Writer! (Wanna see my WGA card?)
9. I’m a professional tango dancer/teacher and I learned some sh*t from it.
8. It makes me think that maybe I’m not always right. (I hate that!)
7. Jamie Rose says things that I’ve been saying for years, like “tango is a conversation; the leader must multi-task; don’t try to fix the leader’s lead you just might make it worse” blah blah blah. Just ‘cuz she got it in print first, well, I’m just saying…
6. Jamie Rose admits her age (only ‘cuz she knows she doesn’t look it!)
5. Jamie Rose followed her heart (pages 182-194) Yeah, like she’s the only one!
4. The book made me cry. (Not allowed by any f**king tango book)
3. The book’s not translated into Spanish (Castellano) which it should be so I can wave it in front of my significant other’s face.
2. Jamie Rose has a beautiful, generous heart. This along with a beautiful face and generous soul is JUST NOT F**KING ALLOWED!
1. It’s going to make me totally reassess how I approach my partner in our relationship and in our dance. THANKS A LOT, B*TCH!!!!!
__Julie Friedgen, owner The Tango Room dance center, co-host El Encuentro milonga

Posted on Friday, November 18th 2011

Promo reel for “Shut Up & Dance!”

Posted on Monday, September 26th 2011